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Sporty man with dreadlocks

Yanga is a refillable sports water that adds fun to every workout. It is available exclusively for and at gyms. For a small subscription fee, you can get access to the Hydration Station and 6 vitamin-enriched and calorie-free flavours.

The Hydration Station will quickly become your favorite watering hole where you meet up to rehydrate between reps, celebrate the end of a heavy session or just get caught up with the gym juice.

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Whoever you are and whatever mood you’re in, we all need to rehydrate in between reps or after a workout. With 6 delicious fruity flavours available in every Hydration Station, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds.

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Our fun infused world of fitness

Yanga is all about friendship and fun. So, if you think it’s funny to compare your post-workout shade of face to fruit tones, or notice that the sweat patch on your back resembles a pineapple, then you are in the right place! Share your story with your fellow gym goers globally and join our fruity community. Don’t forget to add


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