Add value to your gym with Yanga

In every gym there are those members who have a clear goal, and they work out regularly to achieve it. But then there are also those who work out because they feel they have to. These are the people that quit their membership after a few months. We believe that by improving their experience, we can help them enter and leave your gym with a smile.

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Yanga offers your members a fun and healthy way to refresh and rehydrate. And you in return see members coming back, again and again. Yanga can be sold as an add-on to any gym membership. A solution that offers extra revenue to you every month, for little investment and effort. Less work, more credit. Do we need to say more?

We do the heavy lifting

We realise you are not looking for anything that makes your job even harder. That’s why we do the heavy lifting for you. We design, build, deliver and install a Hydration Station in your gym. Each station comes stocked with 6 Bag in Boxes (BiBs) filled with Yanga sports water. What’s more, we take care of the API integration, customised videos, training, and even a party kit to help you launch Yanga in style.

After that, it more or less takes care of itself. The Hydration Station knows when it’s out of syrups and orders new stock all by itself. It will update its own software and needs minimal cleaning. So you don’t have to worry about adding more jobs to the gym staff’s plate.

Working together on a global scale

With over 2600 hydration stations across the globe, Yanga is the preferred hydration partner of choice for many top fitness centers like Basic Fit, PureGym, The Gym Group, Fitness Park, and many others. 

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Visit your Yanga-portal 

Being partners means working together towards a common goal. In this case: keeping your gym goers happy and hydrated. To make sure you’ve got full access to all of our services, you can log on to your personalized portal to get service, marketing and sales support.  

If your gym already has a Hydration Station, and you need support but forgot or lost your password, you can reset it here.  

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