Our roots

Yanga was born back in 2010 out of an idea to make a positive contribution to the fitness industry, to create an ecosystem where everybody is a winner. We wanted to transform the fitness experience by creating an innovative hydration solution.   These days, you’ll find us boosting revenues in more than 2700 gyms across 10 countries and 2 continents. Our Hydration Stations are serving Yanga sports water to millions of drinkers every month. Adding a bit of fun to every workout – one delicious sip at a time. 

People in gym

we are on a mission to deliver a hydration solution that will make gym owners more successful and make the gym goers grin.

Origin story - Water without the yawn

It all started with a simple “eureka” moment. It seems simple in hindsight really, but the one thing all gym goers have in their hand is a drink bottle. After all, everybody who works out sweats. And everybody who sweats needs to drink! 

Back in 2010 all the sports drinks available were unhealthy and mind-numbingly boring. So we decided to shake things up. Make it more fun. Create something that would hydrate like water, but taste like a fruit bowl. Something that would also make gym owners more successful. And so, Yanga was born. But the journey didn’t end there. The rebellious streak that inspired Yanga can be seen in everything we do.